Welcome to the Mr. Physical Education website!

I am so excited that you have found this website! I hope it is an inspiration for you to become not only the best physical educator you can be but also the best you that you can be.

This website is designed to give you ideas, resources, and motivation to help you become a great teacher. There are many parts of becoming the best teacher you can be: motivation, lesson planning, assessment, pedagogy, and much much more.

I will be updating the free resources section as I make them and try them in my classes. I will only add new resources when I know that they are quality and will be usable. I don’t want to waste your time and I want you to visit this site often. Again welcome to mrphysicaleducation.com!



The bird’s eye view is an amazing view to have. From this view you can see a lot more than if you were close up and personal. In other words, you can see the whole story not just the little place you are in.I want to give you a glimpse into my bird’s eye view. The “why” behind the creation of this website and blog.

I want to show you the big picture!

For years I wanted to be the best physical education teacher that I could be. I thought I was, but after reading physical education articles, talking with other physical educators, going to conferences, listening to podcasts, and collaborating on Twitter. I realized that I had a lot of work to do. This was just the start.

You see I used to be an “old school” teacher. The main problem wasn’t that I was an “old school” teacher. The main problem was I didn’t know that I was. No ever told me I was just scratching the surface of what it meant to be a physical educator.

I thought to myself, “If I didn’t realize that what I was doing wasn’t that great, then there are probably others in the same situation”!

My goal with this website and blog is to encourage and resource other physical educators. If it reaches someone that is already doing a great job I will appreciate it, but the main purpose is to reach those who are in the situation I used to be in. I want this to be out there in the interwebs just waiting to be found by someone who is trying to be better than they are right now.

I’m not, only, just going to wait around to be found I am going to try my best to find those like the old me.

I am going to mentor and pour into those who truly need and want guidance!



Our Blog is where we share ideas you can implement in class or challenge you in your pedagogy. We get you to think about not only the technical aspect of teaching but why you do what you do and who you do it for.




On our YouTube channel you will find videos that you can use to flip your class and teach about physical literacy.



Here in our Free Resources section you will find visuals that you can use in class as well as assignments you can have your student complete. Many of the assignments will help you incorporate writing into your curriculum.






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I really want to answer any question you have or do my best to use any suggestions to make this resource more useful! Please use this page to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.